Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Bye little Green Car...

Well, sadly after many many years of good use, my Geo is going to the junk yard. Last week while driving back to my clinical site in Augusta Maine I got rear ended by a guy driving a Subaru. As many of you know, my trunk has been functioning as a traveling closet for almost two years now and when I got hit, a bunch of my stuff was spilled out all over the road! Fortunately, While my car is not ok, I am! And some very nice people came and helped me pick my stuff up out of the road. One of my classmates came and helped me empty the rest of my stuff out since the car was not drivable (the frown on driving without break lights). I have since been issued a rental car by the other guys insurance and I found out friday that it would cost 5,000 dollars to fix my car so it is now in the process of being totaled. I am currently waiting to get loan approval so that I can get a new car. Do you think they will give another loan to an unemployed graduate student sitting on a MOUNTAIN of debt already??? Lets hope so! I will keep you all posted!