Sunday, December 12, 2010

whats new in Maine?

Nothing... no just kidding :) I have not been very good about updating this blog :( I will not pretend that I will do better though I will try. Lets see, since the last time I wrote what has happened...

Jason graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is now working at a hospital doing outpatient rehab specializing in Neurologic rehab.

We moved to a town called Pittsfield. We did this because Jason's job was about an hour south of where we were living so we picked a place pretty much in the middle our two jobs and are renting half of a cute duplex here. We have three bedrooms, a full basement and hardwood floors throughout.

I am still working in family practice and still enjoy it.

We are looking forward to the holiday season- well whats left of it. We spent Thanksgiving with Jason's Dad's family. We had a lot of good food and company.

We are super excited to be going to my sister's house in Montana for Christmas. She just had a new baby (well two months ago now) and this baby is the first girl for my sister. She joins her three older brothers and I can't wait to go see them all!

Before we leave for Montana we will be going to the wedding of one of my best friends:) I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle and marry a wonderful man!

I will try to include pictures in the future though I can honestly say my camera has been tucked away for months! In fact I need to go make sure it still works before our trip to Montana!