Sunday, April 18, 2010

New projects

So I have been MIA from the blog world for a couple of months as I have had NOTHING to write about! I LOVE LOVE LOVE not being a student anymore but it turns out- life with no homework in northern Maine is kind of boring! So I needed a new hobby- I wanted to learn how to quilt- I went to the craft store to "look into it" and realized that not only do I not have a sewing machine but I don't know how to read a pattern. I didn't want to spend all the money on a machine just to not know what to do with it. A friend of mine informed me of a quilting shop in my area that offers beginners classes! I was soooo excited- I signed up! Bought my book, supplies, and borrowed a sewing machine from wonderful friend AMY! It is a six week class in which we learn all kinds of helpful hints and how to's. Last week was the first class and we learned all about fabrics the art of quilting. At the end we had to pick out our fabric for which we would make our first ever quilt! Talk about stressful- It took me an hour and a half but finally I picked out my fabric.

As a new quilter, the teacher told me to go home and get some scraps to work on my "1/4 in seam" Turns out the quarter inch seam is VERY important in quilting. I did indeed practice all week (a little boring I might add) but I was excited when I got to class to "show off my seam". That didn't really pan out- for some reason the math didn't add up. When I tried to sew three strip together with good seam the finished project was too small. After some adjustments though- we figured in out and now I am rocking away! In the second class we learned how to cut and press and we were on our way to making our first "block".

I have homework this week to cut and sew the second block and then cut for the next three blocks after that! It should be a lot of fun. I will post pictures as I go!