Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dermatology clinic

So my preceptor does not work on Mondays- she is technically only part time right now. We are suppose to be working full time as students so I needed to find a place to go on Mondays. As it turns out, another student that was at my site last year spent time with a Dermatologist in Ellsworth, about a half an hour away. So I thought to myself- "well I suppose everyone that I will ever see will have skin- and they will very likely have some 'thing' on their skin, it would be nice if I was able to tell what it was"... So I opted to spend Monday at the Derm clinic.
Originally I thought I would be there all day- apparently the Doctor didn't get that memo, more specifically- I did not get the memo that he would only be in after lunch. So I got up all early and headed out to Ellsworth only to find out that there was nothing to do until 1. Fortunately there is a library in Ellsworth so I spent some time there studying up on the different types of skin conditions we might see that day (one of the Medical Assistant had told me what was on the patient list for the day so that I could study). The medical assistant was like "its a lot of rashes today! Hope you don't mind looking at the same thing all day" I said "thats ok, I am in a womens clinic normally so I pretty much spend my time looking at one "thing" all day anyway..." She got a laugh out of that.
After lunch it was off to the races... this Doc is the only Dermatologist in Maine that accepts a particular type of insurance so he is always really busy. In just 3 and a half hours we saw 11 patients and that included 4 procedures which take longer, to say the least- we were running around! I also found out that we had some cancellations so we could have been even more booked up! In the end, I thought the day was awesome- Dermatology is pretty cool (I know it doesn't sound cool, but it is). I plan to spend the next few Mondays with him and I look forward to seeing more cool stuff.


Kim said...

I'm happy the derm clinic is a good place for you :) However during your entire post I could not stop thinking of a quote from Blades of Glory...

"I want to cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday."

Yep that's why your the PA and I'm in a bullshit profession :P Miss you Neighb!

always sunny said...

"the thing" would.