Sunday, July 6, 2008

Touring the sound...

There is this radio station out here called Boat Talk- people call in and talk about boats I guess. Now I don't have a radio but Hilary's husband Steve listens to it all the time and they mentioned a crusie around Somes Sound that they were doing for like 10 bucks. So we went and it was a great time. We say a lot of really big house, like where the Rockefellers live. We saw the top of Martha Stewards house... At which point someone brought out cookies that were made from one of Martha receipes. They were REALLY good. We saw an Osprey nest which has been there for like 50 years. We went through the Fjord, the only one in North America- although there is talk that it has been down graded. What is a Fjord you say... well it is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides, created in a valley carved by glacial activity. The waters go straight down so big boats can go practically right up to the shore and they are no where near the bottom. We of course saw a ton of really big boats. We went past the original Hinckley boat yard (very fancy boats). I was hoping to find Captain Jack Sparrow on one of the big sail boats but alas I did not. As the tour came to an end, the skies were getting dark, but it made for some good picture taking! Anyway, Enjoy the photos, they are not perfect but it is hard to hold a camara steady on moving boat!

Boat tour, Somes Sound